Start the summer with sports: TEATOX SPORTY FRUITS provides the body with perfect care for sports activities

Finally the summer has arrived in Germany – for many people, the preparation for the beach figure begins. After the New Year resolutions were satisfied with many hours on the treadmill or in the yoga studio at the beginning of the year, the desire for sports in spring has passed away again with some. But now that the beach holiday is approaching, the bikini figure needs to be brought back into shape. So it’s once again running shoes on and off to the six-pack.

At the hot temperatures of early summer, sufficient hydration is an important part of the training so that the body is supplied with sufficient fluid and minerals. Exactly for this reason, TEATOX has now expanded its range of functional organic teas to include another variety, the first fruit tea, and with the SPORTY FRUITS, it is the ideal companion for a sporty lifestyle. Its powerful ingredients such as apple, red hibiscus or raspberries are known as long-time natural talents.

TEATOX offers unique organic tea blends which activate body, mind and soul through their special composition. With the new, particularly hydrogenating tea composition SPORTY FRUITS, the Berlin lifestyle tea brand has now developed the tenth tea variety since its foundation in 2013. apple and raspberry pieces, which give the tea a fruity and sparkling flavour, provide the taste freshness.

The contained organic ingredients such as apple and raspberries give the tea a fruity flavour and contain enough vitamins that the body needs for exercise. Known in Latin America under the name “Flor de Jamaica” and especially drunk as iced tea, red hibiscus reminds of cranberries. But tea from hibiscus is not only tasty, it is also known for its thirst-quenching properties and is said to have purifying, metabolically stimulating and antispasmodic properties. The fruits of the carob tree have been known since ancient times and give a noticeable sweetness as well as an idea of liquorice taste, which is additionally supported by the ingredient anise. Peppermint and lemongrass give the tea the freshness it desires from a fruit tea. The ginger root, which gives a pleasant pungency and has an anti-inflammatory effect, gives the tea a special note. The tea is rounded off by cinnamon, which is full of magnesium, iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins C and B1.

On warm days, the mixture can be enjoyed as a cooling ICED TEA. In no time at all, the chilled tea with apple slices, raspberries, lemons, fresh mint and ice cubes turns into a healthy thirst quencher.

The two founders Felix Ilse and Michael Decker developed the SPORTY FRUITS to offer tea lovers a natural companion before, during and after the sport. The SPORTY FRUITS supplies the body with sufficient fluid, minerals and vitamins.

SPORTY FRUITS Organic Fruit Tea with Apple

Price: 9,95 Euro, 90 g

Ingredients: Apple pieces, hibiscus, carob, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, anise, raspberry


TEATOX ist der Vorreiter in Sachen moderner Teekultur in Deutschland. Das Startup wurde im September 2013 von den langjährigen Freunden Felix Ilse (29) und Michael Decker (29) in Berlin mit dem Ziel gegründet, Menschen die Wirkung natürlicher Tees auf zeitgemäße Art und Weise näher zu bringen und ihnen so dabei zu helfen besser und ausgeglichener zu leben. TEATOX achtet vor allem auf die höchste Qualität der Zutaten, verwendet ausschließlich Tee im Grobschnitt und aus 100% biologischem Anbau und verzichtet zudem komplett auf Aromen oder sonstige Zusätze. Die Teemischungen setzen sich aus der Teepflanze, Kräutern, Gewürzen und Früchten zusammen und werden auf besondere Momente und Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. Das komplette TEATOX Sortiment wird zusammen mit Apothekern, Heilpraktikern und Tee-Experten in Deutschland entwickelt.